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Crystal Bay Beach

Crystal bay beach

Crystal Bay is a quiet arc of white-grey sand set amid rocky, scrubby outcrops, with a small jagged islet off shore and rugged Nusa Ceningan in the distance. The majestic mola mola, or sunfish, comes to cleanse here, meaning divers and snorkellers are also lured here in season (August and September), but, when the waters are calm, there is good offshore snorkelling year round. The beach is also the site of regular ceremonies so the southern end of the bay can be a bit littered at times with plastic drink cups and offerings. Crystal Bay also doubles as a floodplain – you'll see the flood channel towards the southern end of the beach – so perhaps reconsider sunbaking in rainy season.

Crystal Bay is located on the west side of Nusa Penida.Just outside the bay there is a big rock, a small island even, which can be used as a point of reference, especially under water. The diving here is considered some of the best on the island with eels, Napoleon fish, parrot fish and turtles common place. During the summer months Mola Mola are often spotted here although they can also be spotted during the wet season. The current and swell can be strong and so diving without a guide with good knowledge about the area is inadvisable. Only dive here when you have a certain level of experience. A bat cave is located nearby.


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