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The beach is located in the Tanglad Village - Nusa Penida. The beach is similar to Dreamland beach Bali. You will pass through the hills and saw some small pools that hold water. This water is used by the community as a religious event.
From a distance you can see the beauty of the Suwehan Beach. the beauty of blue sea and cliffs carved. Suwehan beach there is a large rock in the middle of the beach called jineng stone.
Arrived in Suwehan Beach you will be amazed by the views of pristine beaches and white sand. The beach was quite spacious and clean. The shape of the beach like the letter U is an attraction of this beach.
This beach has sand like a beach generally, but look forward, there is a high cliff. Half down the stairs you can see the eyes of this water comes from a cliff. Suitable for travelers who want to soothe your diri. Try trail barefoot along the beach Suehan. White sand and smooth, does not Contain many shells, so it will not hurt the delicate foot-high cliffs surrounding you. Cliffs Suwehan beach looks so solid. Green grass growing on the cliffs, adding to the impression of elegance behind its own uniqueness.


Package Price: Rp400000