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Snorkeling Point

Toyapakeh means salt water in Balinese and is found at the north end of the deep channel. It is a diver’s favourite as you often find yourself swimming through school after school of colourful fish of all varieties, including the red tooth triggerfish, giant trevallies and batfish. Toyapakeh is a large coral covered bay dotted with bommies that leads to a sloping reef that drops off gently all the way to 190m! Mola sightings are possible here and even the infamous pygmy seahorse is occasionally spotted by keen sighted divers.

Toyapakeh has to be the best of all Nusa Penida’s dive sites. Actually the site breaks into two with Toyapakeh wall and Toyapakeh. Both these sites are encrusted with corals and fish. The intensity of the fish life is something to be witnessed. Large pelagics are often seen here just lurking in the blue. There are two cleaning stations for Mola Mola in this immediate region. Although a fantastic dive site, it is also one of the most unpredictable sites in Bali. A must dive site for anyone diving the Nusa Penida region.


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